MyUCareer Training & Expo is currently on hold until further notice.

MyUCareer provides staff the tools they need to take ownership of their careers here at the U. Participants can take advantage of multiple networking opportunities, interactive 30-minute workshops to help navigate the U, tips for refining personal brand and building a professional development plan, and one-on-one 15-minute career development coaching sessions with UM senior recruiters and HR managers. They will also be invited to the Engagement Expo that will provide a number of opportunities to reengage at the U and develop themselves further within and outside of their roles.

Duration of Program: This event is intended to be a personally customized experience where you choose the session times that best suit your schedule.
Who Should Attend: All staff
By attending MyUCareer, you will be ready to:
  • Navigate your career and development here at the U
  • Develop new skills with the myriad of options available to you at the U
  • Expand your professional network here at the U