Meet the Team

The Talent and Organizational Development team focuses on the development of leaders, staff, and teams by:

  • Offering leadership development programs to train leaders on how to be effective coaches inside UM.
  • Providing consulting services to help organizations and teams improve. Our experienced Organizational Development (OD) Specialists are dedicated to assessing, researching, designing, delivering, and evaluating team and organization engagement in the areas of strategic planning, organizational assessments, change management, team development, performance improvement, and retreat design and facilitation around the organizations culture and values.
  • Offering e-learning opportunities to help employees learn from anywhere while enhancing their personal knowledge and professional skills. (Coming Soon).
  • Orienting new faculty and staff to the University on their first day of work at I am the U, our global orientation program.
  • Providing faculty and staff the opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire others through myriad volunteer opportunities.

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