How to Enroll

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Enrollment for Series 19 is closed! If you are interested in Series 20 starting Fall 2024, please fill out this form.

To participate in the program, the interested party must be recommended by their supervisor.

  • Must have one or more direct reports (full-time, part-time, or students)
  • Need to discuss their interest in enrolling with their supervisor
  • Must submit a Commitment Form on the participant's behalf during the open enrollment period
    • Before filling out a commitment form, please have your participants C-Number, Employee ID Number, Contact information, and Department Account Number. 
      • To find your direct report(s) C-Number and/or Employee ID, login to Workday, select the My Team app, and click on your direct report(s) name.
      • Once in their profile, you can click Overview to get their Employee ID and click Personal, then UM ID to get their C-Number.
  • Can refer up to three leaders to each EOL series