Participant and Sponsor Requirements

staff in front of Ibis sculpture staff in front of Ibis sculpture

Participant Requirements

During the four-month program, participants must attend all the modules assigned for their cohort. In addition, they must also:

  • Attend a Participant Orientation
  • Meetwith their sponsors for at least 30 minutes after the completion of each module to discuss the skills learned and how they can be applied in the workplace
  • Complete an assessment of managerial proficiency
  • Complete an Individualized Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)
  • Complete any additional activities as required

Sponsor Requirements

In order for the program to be successful, it is vital for sponsors to actively participate. They must attend the initial program orientation and Module 1 with the candidates. Additionally, they should:

  • Support the participant’s attendance to all scheduled sessions
  • Discuss workload expectations in advance
  • Model the competencies expected from the participant
  • Hold participants accountable for follow-through
  • Provide opportunities for participants to practice and apply new knowledge, skills, and abilities learned
  • Provide feedback and coaching
  • Meet regularly, especially after each program module to discuss learning and provide feedback
  • Support participant in the creation and execution of their Individualized Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)